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Our Story


Upper Crust Bakery has been making, baking, and delivering delicious, freshly-baked  pies to the Bay Area since 1988.

We use only the best, all natural ingredients:  no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat, no artificial  ingredients or fillers, and no preservatives! To  make our pies, we start with a bowl of real fruit, picked at its  peak. Then we stir in a little sugar and just enough tapioca or rice flour to thicken the natural juices. Finally we put it all in our  hand-rolled, flaky, and butter pastry crust. The result is a delicious fruity and buttery dessert

 Our traditional recipes are the same as when we started - nothing has changed except the size of  the mixing bowls! We continue to make everything from scratch, using only the best quality ingredients, a difference you can taste.  

Our Beginning


Upper Crust Bakery was founded by Christine Milne in 1987. She developed recipes that emphasized the freshest fruit, with just the right amount of sugar. And she didn't skimp on the crust!  She sold her first pie to a couple in her Marin County neighborhood, and her business took off.  Through her hard work and high standards, Upper Crust pies developed a loyal and passionate following. Many of her first customers are still customers, 30 years later!

Today, Upper Crust continues as a family owned business.  Brandon Sterling is our Chief Pie Officer. And many of the same employees still work here. Some for 25 years! Each pie is still carefully made by hand, using Christine's original recipes, at our bakery in San Rafael. We continue to be dedicated to locally made, high quality pies with authentic homemade taste.

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